Thursday, February 28, 2019

DIY Slime/Ways to Deal With Stress!🤩

Many, if not all of us, have been stressed about multiple homework assignments, an audition for a play or a sport, etc. At first, one may only be slightly affected by stress, but it can lead to serious mental issues such as affects on your body, your behavior, and your throughts and feelings. It can lead to serious physical issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease (Mayo Clinic). If someone has some of the serious issues, they should definitely speak to a trusted friend, parent, or doctor. In fact, did you know that an average high school student today has the average stress level of a mental asylum patient in the 1950s? Many of them deal with stress from homework and tests. When struggling with stress about tests coming up in school, it can be easy and fun for a student to make something such as a stress ball (check out my post about how to make a DIY Stress Ball!) or even slime! In my recent blog post about how to make a stress ball, many of my friends found it helpful, and so I decided that I would do another stress reliving post about how to make slime!

- Bowl (for combining your ingredients)
- Borax Mixture (1 teaspoon of borax powder mixed into warm water)
- Stirrir
- Paint (optional)
- Elmer’s School Glue

First of all, you will need to combine Elmer’s School Glue and your paint. If you want a small amount slime, you will need a small amount of glue, vise versa. To make your slime extra jiggly, you can add a few tablespoons of water, like I did.

Once the paint is completely combined in the glue, you can add the borax mixture. When the borax mixture is combined with glue, the long molecules in the glue get tangled together to create a stretchy, slimy creation. It may take a few minutes of stirring to achieve a stretchy texture. When the slime texture seems well combined, poke it with your fingers to see if it is sticky. If it is very sticky, add a tablespoon or two of the borax mixture and combine it with the glue once again. 

Voila! You made you slime! If you want the slime to have a crunchy texture, add foam beads, to create a slime known as “floam!”If you want it to have a smooth texture, you can add daiso clay, to create a slime known as “butter slime!” 

Thanks for reading this post!

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