Thursday, January 3, 2019

My New Year’s Resolutions­čÄë

Hi guys! Happy New Year! Today I decided that for my blog post, I would write my New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, if you write or type things, it’s easier to remember them and so I hope that this blog post will help me accomplish these goals. Also, this blog post might help you with ideas for New Year’s Resolutions, and things that you want to change in 2019 to make it your year!

1. Have a morning routine
I would like to have a morning routine because a lot of times I wake up too late and I have to hurry so I don’t miss the bus for school.

2. Do something positive/fun everyday
This is a great way to make 2019 your year! Make it an important thing to do something fun everyday. It can be as simple as listening to your favorite music playlist, or even skydiving!

3. Make new friends
I want to meet new people and make new friends because it makes school more fun!

4. Join new clubs/sports
I like to try new things and new activities and so I would like to join new clubs/sports in 2019!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I’ll see you guys next time!

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