Monday, December 17, 2018

My Anti-Bucket List😱

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Well this is an ANTI- bucket list, meaning all the things I never hope to experience in my life! I hope you guys enjoy this short blog post!

1. Eat a live octopus
2. Have a spider as a pet
3. Live in a place where there’s no other people
4. Go to outer space
5. Swim with sharks
6. Go to country music concert
7. Be stranded on an island alone
8. Ruin something that was special to someone else
9. Accidentally mix up salt and sugar while cooking/baking something
10. Lose my luggage/ belongings

Thanks for reading this short post!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

DIY Stress Ball🤩

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! One of my friends recommended that I write a post on ways to cope with stress. So, I decided that this post would be about how to make your own stress ball! :)

1. Balloon
2. Rice
3. Funnel
4. Spoon

Start off by attaching the funnel to the balloon so that it is secure. If the balloon is loose, you might spill the rice (I accidentally spilled the rice everywhere lol). Then, you can start placing spoonfuls of rice into the funnel. 

Once you have filled the balloon with enough rice so you have your desired consistency, tie it off at the top, and you’re done with this simple DIY Stress Ball! If you don’t want to fill the balloon with rice, I know a lot of people who like to use baby powder or flour to make their stress balls! I’ll see you guys in my next post!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Things to Do in Your Free Time, A to Z🌟

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be writing about things that you can do in your free time, in an A to Z list! If you like this post, make sure to check out my other A to Z blog post. You can read it here. Let’s get right into it!

A: Activities and clubs to join!
B: Build something!
C: Create a blog!
D: Draw something!
E: Eat new foods!
F: Friends and family time!
G: Get a new outfit!
H: Hiking!
I: Ice cream and other sweets!
J: Jogging!
K: Kayaking!
L: Look something up on Google you’ve always wondered!
M: Make a mug cake! If you want a mug brownie recipe check mine out here.
N: Nail polish!
O: Offer help to someone!
P: Paint a painting!
Q: Quesdillas, pizza, salad! Try to make new foods at home!
R: Read a book!
S: Sailing!
T: Try to learn a new instrument!
U: Use things around the house to make a craft!
V: Volunteer!
W: Write a story or a poem!
X: X-out things on your bucket or to-do list!
Y: Y is for yes! Say yes to things you normally wouldn’t say yes to!
Z: 💤💤💤

I hope that you guys enjoyed this short blog post, and when you’re bored be sure to do some of these things! I will see you in my next post!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Trick or Treating with Your Bestie!👻🙃

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be writing about different Halloween costumes for you and your best friend to match! I wanted to write about this today because:
1. Halloween is in one week!
2. Me and my best friend are going as thing one and thing two for Halloween this year!
I hope that you guys enjoy this blog and like these Halloween costume ideas!

1. Soap and Loofa
Image from Spirit Halloween  

I love this costume because it is really creative! Also, you can either buy this costume from a Halloween store or make it yourself. If you want to make it yourself, I would recommend using a white t-shirt and designing it to look like a soap bar. To make the loofah, you could use a dress and cover it in layers of tool fabric!

2. Netflix and Chill

Image from Brooklyn and Bailey

I also really like this costume because it is so simple, but really creative. This costume is also really easy to make. Also, it can be customized to match your style! All you need is two sweaters and decorations that you can add to fabric. Just make sure that one of the sweaters says “Netflix”, and the other says “Chill”. For example, I would add snowflakes and sparkles to the sweater which says “Chill”!

3. Angel and Devil
Image from Pinterest

I love this Halloween costume because it is really simple and easy to recreate. All you need a is a white dress and a red dress. Don’t forget to accessorize! For the devil, you can add devil horns and a pitchfork, and any other red and black accessories. For the angel, you can’t forget the halo and the wings! You can continue to accessorize this costume with lots of white and silver accessories. That’s all you need for this costume!

4. M&M’s

Image from Country Living

These costumes are so adorable! I really like this idea because all of your friends can go trick or treating together and you can all be different colors! This costume is so fun to to re-create. For each person or M&M, you need a t-shirt with the letter “m” on it. This costume can be accessorized with matching tu-tus, suspenders, and socks!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post and try out these Halloween costume ideas! I’ll see you in my next post! Bye!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A T-Shirt into a Pillow??👚➡️🛏

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be writing about one of my favorite diy craft projects! The best part about this project is that you can make it out of a t-shirt! Let’s get right into this project. All images in this blog post are taken by Faber-Castell.

The materials you will need are:
~ an old t-shirt
~ a pair of scissors
~ pillow stuffing
~ ruler
~ marker
~ craft fabric paint (optional)

Start off with an old t-shirt and cut out a large square. Make sure that you cut both the front and the back of the t-shirt.

Now, make a 3-4 inch border around all sides of the square using your ruler and marker. Next, you will need to make lines in the rim of the square about 1 cm long. 

Now, cut these lines up to the border using a pair of craft scissors. Do this all the way around the square. While you are doing this, be sure that you are cutting both pieces of the fabric at the same time.

Next, you will need to tie the ends together. While I was doing this to my pillow, I noticed that it made it easier to stretch the two strings, and then tie them together. When you are tying these knots, make sure that your two squares of fabric are lined up and that you are tying one piece from the top piece of fabric and one piece from the bottom piece of fabric. 

Also, do not forget to leave one side of the knots undone! This way you will be able to stuff you pillow and make it really comfortable.

Like I just mentioned, now it is time to stuff the pillow. You will need to use stuffing which you can buy from Micheal’s or any other craft supply store. Fill the pillow until it is soft and comfortable, like a pillow.

Lastly, to complete your pillow knot the rest of the strings and you’re done!

My Anti-Bucket List😱

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Well this is an ANTI- bucket list, meaning all the things I never hope to experience in my life! I hop...